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2011 Ford Fiesta: fuel efficiency, a progressive design offers flexibility, privacy

2011 Ford Fiesta: fuel efficiency, a progressive design offers flexibility, privacy
The new 2011 Ford Fiesta 

Ford's new Fiesta has the expressive design, exciting, with highlights and define a global career expectations of U.S. small car " Festival offers 15 features a class-exclusive, adding luxury and comfort in general in action with a much higher price Festival scheduled delivery of fuel in the way of the best in its class to 40 miles on a gallon, with A reaction of 1.6-liter DOHC I-4 engine, power shift six-speed automatic transmission developed and emergency electric power steering (EPA) Established for employees of a versatile and flexible, the best in class security, management and communication system connecting the segments of the voice-activated SYNC ® exclusive, expressive color palette and images available hot-selling new Ford Fiesta will be something more than good looks and offer better fuel in the segment when it goes sale in North America in the summer of 2010. Fiesta 2011 - available in four-and five-door body - will also be a new small car standard safety, connectivity and engine technology. 

In fact, this festival offers a variety of new-style American buyer has 15 unique classes and fuel consumption is expected on the road for 40 miles to the gallon, beating the Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris and Corolla. 

"Our customers smart. They want to expressive vehicles that not only offers good fuel economy, but also high-quality, new technology and the experience of driving pleasure," said Mark Fields, Ford president of the United States. "We aim to answer the call to Party A totally new vehicle in North America and we hope to create a new standard for small cars set -."Party A is the next milestone in Ford's plan to design and develop vehicles that meet the different needs, desires and expectations of customers worldwide. The festival is already sold nearly 700,000 customers in Europe and Asia since the beginning.

In developing the new Fiesta, Ford made extensive surveys for global customers. The result clearly indicates a desire to force topped the list of people around the world. In Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific region, customers looking for smaller cars that are designed to offer quality, exceptional comfort, convenience and connectivity. 

"Fiesta has been developed with the customer, not just for them," said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president of Global Product Development "fuel economy, performance, use bold and impressive space is the universal desire for global markets - and offers Party .."Kinetics and aesthetic kinetic design convey a sense of movement - even when he was arrested - the elements to harmonize the global identity of the Ford display, and the projected aura of confidence, style and individuality. Celebration turns into the mentality of young designers "progressive, a group of customers who appreciate style and variety. 

"This prestigious client, a party that is potentially related to the design philosophy of energy in motion" because it reflects his personal views and lifestyle, "said Kevin George, director of Design Festival.In the future, Ford faces a global sports festival, targeting blue oval emblem on the grill marks on the signature inverted trapezoidal grille opening lower. This marks the realization of fine portfolio, the relationship between the aesthetic features of the new Taurus, high fuel consumption and lower the combined thickness. 

Add eyes face sweeping festival, the elongated headlights and a clock muscular frame, engraved on the fender. Available in a sporty five-door hatchback or four-door sedan body styles, closing the space for passengers and their luggage. 

In the back of the car, many design elements participate, including the scourge of land behind the glass ceiling in the lower spoiler, rear lights, dramatic detail to the hive of high mountains in the corners of the gate five. muscular rear quarter panels, full of violence, drawing the eye to the wheel and the festival is their belief. 

Design festival even bigger with the choice of nine colors. Click to bright lemon yellow Blue Flame, the festival is a broad palette of colors - the colors more readily than the other segment competitors - infuse lively individuality.

In Celebration Fiesta dramatic inside and out. surface sculpture bold, contrasting colors and materials that support comfortable and the inside of an individual as a driver. Center stack of the dashboard - a meeting point for a new indoor festival - designed to feel useful, and called the phone keypad. 

North American Festival, the first row of bucket seats with a seat on the tenth of a second row 60/40. Cloth or leather seats varies according to the offer levels of comfort, style and individuality to deceive. High Series sports festival offers leather with contrasting color accents spray.

Smooth, surface sculpture and the layout of the center console to the party with a sense of harmony. Location intuitive dashboard, seat comfort zone and the ambient light available for managers to maximize the atmosphere of the seven colors are complementary - to switch between three levels of intensity - for interior lighting. 

And the holiday, green, 25 percent of the volume of the series on the seat fabric from recycled materials.Have fun with the fuel efficiency 

Fiesta is a carp floating sculpture of a 1.6-liter DOHC I-4 120-horsepower engine at 6.350 rpm and 112 foot-pounds of torque at 5000 rpm. energetic performance and fuel economy are the signature feature, the fuel center is expected to Festival offers the best in its class to 40 miles to the gallon. 

Fiesta developed 1.6 liter engine has two independent variables, the camshaft (Ti-VCT) to reduce fuel economy, while continuing to optimize camshaft removal performance and flexibility of reaction accelerator.

Good results from a small package made possible by new technology in the new world of machines, including a unit of sophisticated new interface accessories (EAFRD) with an elastic band dynamic thermal dynamics of the repair machinery. The elasticity of this new control line narrowing of the band and has helped fuel the global economy.

Fiesta has a five-speed manual transmission with ratios chosen to brave the line performance and fuel economy is very good to drive with three pedals and the shifter to the experience of driving to your maximum bid. 

Specially adapted for the front strut, bushings, shock absorbers, stabilizer bar and rear torque to maintain its standing and includes beautiful. Games, winning the European driving dynamics.

Automatic exchange game 

An all know the new changes in the American food industry, the six-exclusive automatic transmission combines response and performance of the fuel economy of a manual from the comfort of a traditional automatic with a package of advanced, dual dry clutch.

"The leaders in fuel economy models have traditionally been manually changed," said Piero Aversa, team leader of liberation. "Feast of the changes in the game, and offers advanced energy conversion six-speed automatic transmission for maximum fuel efficient."

dual-clutch shift power to maintain a constant internal continue to optimize the response and maximum fuel economy, depending on the input received from the drivers foot on the accelerator. 

This "dry" transfer work with the internal lubrication confined, reducing friction and increasing fuel the party. The lack of pumps and pipes under the hood to reduce complexity, reduce weight and also contributes to fuel efficiency. This requires regular treatment.

power shift was detected in the market for Ford of Europe and North America, the small car segment, expectations for fuel economy and climate response to redefine.

Director saves fuel To trust in the dynamic of the way, the feast of Power Assist Steering (EPA), in which the complexity while saving weight and fuel. This advanced system is sensitive to the speed - Optimized to support the curve of speed, strength and acceleration or delay.Ford's aggressive move to the EPA about the product line. The system is now available in many Ford, Lincoln and Mercury badges, and by 2013 almost 90 percent of Ford's lineup will offer fuel consumption of this technology. 

EPA also includes compensation for the drift traction to help correct the ring regardless of his or wind conditions. In addition, biting back the active track and compensate the remaining band abnormality. These two functions - activated by the EPA - is unique in its class.

Strength, safety, quality and peace of mind More than 50 percent of the Fiesta is a welded steel body is very resilient, with strong drill steel used in some critical areas. Rigid body structure contributes to the control of the best tourist festival in its class and the rest. 

Festival with a variety of enhanced security features, including two-stage air bags, the first line, exclusive knee airbag airbag and curtain airbags in the classroom as well.AdvanceTrac ® with ESC (electronic stability control) standard of the party, along with the pre-latch for safety belts and child safety rear door.

Tested and proven in almost all continents, which could be the act of execution, the party asserting the quality and customer needs. 

"For North America, the festival world is not modified, altered or rebuilt," said Steve Pinter, chief engineer. "We focus on the success of the Festival of Europe and I am very proud that little has changed."Party control of NVH (noise, vibration and hardness) brought a new level of relaxation for this segment, helped in part by a special design of laminated side glass is unique in its class is chosen to absorb and contain noise. Voice machine imposed a blanket covered with sealing doors further enhanced wind noise to a minimum.

A special padded dashboard and behind the foam baffle pole installed in the festival.While the stars are available for insulating properties. 

Many of the materials Festival fonoabsorbent made from recycled materials, helping to conserve the resources to maintain peace and tranquility. In addition, the control of both the aerodynamics and fuel consumption of NVH.

Features and functions Festival offers customers a variety of standard features and available that improve usability and add them to participate. Among them is the Ford Sync, integrating the telephone with the party boat driver, switched voice communications and entertainment system.

Festival offers a keyless entry and starter button, a feature unique in its class. Triggers of all sizes can adjust the angle and telescopic steering wheel, which according their priority. Some Reflections on the flexibility and ability to adapt, to hold the cup is adapted to support Red Bull cans and size for each container in the middle. 

Ford Fiesta Fuel is not easily closed ® fuel injection system, the exclusive North American industry, as standard equipment. 

Festival of Movement and in Chapter 2 First Movement Festival in April 2009 and in the hands of European specifications Agent Party Fair 100 media activists. They twitter, blogs, photos and video posted to the chronicle of their assigned mission, culture, charity and adventure.

Agent accumulated more than 1.5 million miles, nutrient content of the respective networks, including over 6.2 million hits on YouTube, more than 750,000 views on Flickr, and more than 4 million hits on Twitter. Gerakan, a Guinness world record for most players in Motion Awards tweetup for Festival Celebration in West Hollywood. This unique event gathering agent of the Movement of 1149 and friends on Twitter.Chapter 2 Movement Party, which began in March 2010, consists of 20 teams of two players each. But its roots in social media, chapter 2, so that agents Gerakan generated content and new media platforms are public.

Fiesta bestseller Some will continue selling cars in Europe and No. 2 to increase the sales of Ford's best-selling car in Europe, helping to increase their participation in the 19 largest markets there. Nearly 700,000 have been sold worldwide since the car was launched at the end of the 2008 Fiesta.

In Europe, the Fiesta name has been synonymous with excellent quality of performance, design and quality. This overwhelming response from the media in Asia.

More than 10,000 orders have been for all of its customers. Ford's new Fiesta offers North American customers the choice of fuel is an elegant and efficient when it will be sold this summer. It will be built at Ford's Cuautitlán plant in Mexico. 

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